Working with Executive Recruiters

SCC Working with Recruiters“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” Mark Twain

Have you begun to work with a recruiter? Have you found them to be less than responsive to your needs? The first thing to know is that a recruiter works for their clients and not the job seeker. According to Greg Bennett a recruiter at the Merges Group in Cary, NC, “We work for the client.”

Recruiters used to be known as “headhunters” because they went after the cream of the crop in talent. They were the ones that went after another company’s competitors and recruited them over to the company they worked for. The best of today’s recruiters work the same way. When working with recruiters, job seekers should be aware that the recruiters have another party’s best interests in mind. Let it not be overlooked because they do work for someone. But the real question is who?

Most executive recruiters are contracted to find the best talent. So if they contact you, know that you have a lot to offer them. Perhaps they found you on a social media site, where your reputation for excellence has made an impression on them.

Sometimes candidates or people searching in the executive field believe that if they sign on with more recruiters they will get more hits. But it doesn’t work that way. In fact the recruiters are only looking out for what their client–the hiring company–needs. A recruiting company that is the first to introduce a viable candidate to the company will receive a bonus or other form of compensation if the person secures employment. Thus, recruiters move fast and are always scouring for the best talent they can find.

SCC Job Fair RecruitersWhat this means for you is that you have to work hard at showcasing your abilities online and in the field. In the field means attending job fairs, networking with colleagues and handing out resumes to potential employers. Online is easier, all you have to do is create a LinkedIn account, Facebook account or other social media site account that will hook you up to the net. These accounts are important to any executive job search that they should not be overlooked.

When and if you decide to work with a recruiter make sure that you are honest with them and only pick one. Let them know the specific positions you are looking for and submit the most up-to-date resume with links that you can. Ask them about their client confidentiality policy. You must make it extremely clear to them that you do not want them to send your information to other companies without your expressed knowledge or permission.

Once you have established this the third-party recruiter will be a benefit to work with. They are a great resource for you and will definitely improve your executive job search chances. Working with them will allow you to expand your search to meet a potential employer where you want to. According to Forbes, a lot of job seekers are unaware of how the actual process works, thinking that recruiters are working for them so they don’t have to. They work for the hiring company and if you are a match then they will contact you.

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