The Best Ways to Thank Your Employees For a Job Well Done

best-way-to-thank-employees-business-man-and-woman-speakingWhen employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more apt to strive for excellence.  Showing thanks for a job well done is never unfitting, although in some companies, it may not occur often enough.

According to a recent Harris poll, only 35 percent of employees received recognition for a good job performance within a year’s time. Another Glassdoor survey indicated that among 2,044 employees, 53 percent of workers would be more apt to remain at their current organization for a longer time if they received appreciative feedback from their superiors.  Furthermore, 81 percent stated they felt more motivated when working for a leader who expressed thanks for their hard work.

Employers should become familiar with the inclinations of their individual employees, and consider the most suitable way to show their gratitude.  For example, a quieter employee may not appreciate a grand announcement as much as a simple note or token of thanks.

If you are searching for the best way to express appreciation to your best employees, chances are it will generally fall into one of three categories:


A sincere and defined expression of praise in reference to a specific accomplishment shows that you have truly taken notice of your employee’s actions and are appreciative of the time and effort he or she has expended; whether you opt for a verbal “thank you”, a written message of gratitude, or a shared announcement.  When workers know their achievements are not going unnoticed by their superiors, they will maintain a higher sense of ambition and workplace morale.


There are a few options when considering an incentive as a gesture of appreciation for an employee who went the extra mile for you.  If financially feasible, monetary bonuses are always a welcome way to show gratitude, as are gift certificates.  In other cases, and if practical, some employers choose to offer a day of paid time off or a flexible holiday schedule.   An employer who knows the worker well enough may even offer a small, personalized gift.


Opting to take your employees out to lunch at a restaurant of their choice or ordering in from a caterer is an excellent way to show your best-way-to-thank-employees-group-of-professionals-around-tableappreciation.  This is also a great option when rewarding more than one employee for a group effort.  Booking the conference room for a lunchtime celebration (or holiday gift exchange, if celebrating a successful full year of hard work) is a fantastic option.  Not only is it a gracious gesture, but it also helps foster bonding among the work staff, and may even spark some new office traditions.

The Takeaway

It’s safe to say there really isn’t a wrong way to show your best workers how thankful you are for their support and effort, as long as it’s sincere and well thought out.  Additionally, by consistently acknowledging and praising your employees’ hard work, you are promoting a culture of graciousness, politeness, and respect among your staff.



Fred Coon, CEO


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