Report Shows Apple™ May Be Curtailing Recruitment

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest and most innovative technology companies in the world, so it’s understandable why most people look to land a job with the tech giant. After all, it feels great to be associated with a respected and prestigious organization such as Apple, in addition to the employment perks that come with it.

However, if you are one of the many who have been trying your luck at a position with Apple, you should probably consider looking elsewhere, at least for the time-being. According to recent reports by leading technology-driven news source, VentureBeat, Apple has been laying off its contract recruiters. In fact, partnerships with almost all of their contract recruiters are revoked as of lately, and this also includes a few full-time recruiters.

If these reports are true, around 100 employees within the tech giant’s recruitment teams would be affected by these changes. Sources close to the matter believe the company’s decision to curtail its recruitment comes after the re-evaluation of its Empty-office-cube-spacesbusiness activities and plans. This means that additional hiring will be recommenced only after some new projects are in operation.

The incentive plan of  40 percent of the new employee’s basic salary as a bonus for recruiters has also been revised by Apple.  This incentive has now been cut down to 10 – 15 percent per new hire.  Sources also have reason to believe these bonuses would not be in place for good in the upcoming future.

The Jobs at Apple website also shows a noticeable shortage of ads for recruiter positions. This raises the question: Why has Apple decided to decelerate its recruitment efforts? While the exact reason still remains a mystery, one possibility could be the tech giant’s lackluster business performance for the second fiscal quarter.

In its latest quarterly report, Apple has uncovered the first drop in revenue in 13 years. This decline in sales and profit has much to do with the slow sales of its flagship iPhone, which is unarguably the tech giant’s key revenue generator. Experts indicate the year-over-year decline in iPhone shipments is expected to continue, consequently causing a decline in the company’s total revenue.

Apple chart 2016

Graph published by shows Apple’s revenue decrease in Q2 2016 due to lagging iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales.

Not much relief is expected in the upcoming months either.  According to a Bloomberg Technology report of April 26, 2016, Apple’s consecutive 51 quarter stride of sales growth is over, and development may not resume until late 2016. Consequently, cutbacks on iPhone production are also expected. Furthermore, for the first time since it was launched back in 2007, it is expected that the iPhone may actually underperform in the smartphone market, according to Ming-Chi hand-holding-mobile-phoneKuo, prominent KGI securities analyst.  Consequently, it is logical to presume that Apple decided to slow down its recruitment process because of the company’s recent lull in advancement, at least until the launch of the iPhone 7.

These recruitment cuts are also likely to affect jobs on the operational level, perhaps even more deeply than leadership positions. Let’s take Apple’s rumored car project (aka “Project Titan”), for example. Notwithstanding reports of recruitment restraints, the tech giant originally hired many of the engineers and related personnel for its car project from some of the most renowned automotive companies, such as General Motors, Tesla and Ford.  Although since resumed, recruitment for this project was also put on hold earlier this year due to a major personnel change, according to an original report in The Wall Street Journal.  However, on a positive note, Apple’s efforts seem to be back in force on “Project Titan”, and it is speculated that the car may be ready to debut by the year 2020, although still later than anticipated.

Ultimately, only time will tell the actual long-term impact that the decrease in contract recruitment and lagging sales will directly have on Apple’s internal job market.  However, as a giant in their industry, we can only surmise that the company will continue to find a way to innovate new prospects and opportunities.  Nevertheless, it may be wise to redirect your job-seeking efforts towards a more certain future.


By Fred Coon, CEO


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