LinkedIn Isn’t Facebook

LinkedIn Is a Business Profile

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that has a social aspect to it. It’s aimed, intrinsically, at business-oriented people. It’s used by experts in various industries to gain notoriety, popularity, fame, and consequently, influence. It’s often an advertising medium for skills, talents, and abilities for those who wish to teach or share.

SC&C Employers Research Your Online AccountsThese types of business-related social interactions allow people to build communities to share information, particularly those possessing a businesslike bias. Essentially the profile that one creates on LinkedIn is a living resume that others can browse in search of skills that they need for their own field.

Many, many jobs and employment opportunities are garnered directly through LinkedIn. Virtually every other type of employment-related interaction is related to LinkedIn at some point, but in a different way.

Specifically, if you apply for a job, a prospective employer will check to see if you have a LinkedIn profile. They’ll compare what you told them with what you’ve revealed on LinkedIn. If it matches, you’ve gained credibility. If it’s wildly divergent, you’ve probably lost your employment opportunity.

Social Profile

Facebook actually came into existence before LinkedIn, by a number of years (c. 2003 as Facemash at Harvard University). Its primary purpose was to connect people.

As it currently exists, you join Facebook and create a profile, within which you provide rudimentary information to help others identify you. This would include data such as your name, the city where you live, your hometown, what school(s) you attended, what clubs or institutions you’re a part of, your age, and so on.

Other members can search the available information and make connections with old school chums, childhood friends, former lovers, or brand new people they’ve never met before with similar interests. The amount, and diversity, of information you can provide is almost unlimited.

There are now even commercial profiles for businesses, from Kermit & Rolf’s Dry Cleaning, all the way up to Coca-Cola and Microsoft. This allows the holders of these accounts to build brand loyalty with customers and ultimately increase their sales figures.

Facebook offers additional ways to interact such as dozens and dozens of games, special-interest groups, Messenger, and the ability to share media such as videos or music that you’ve created, books you’ve written, or even interesting tidbits that you found that you think are worthy of sharing.

LinkedIn and Facebook Aren’t the Same

LinkedIn is generally more formal, and while not rigidly controlled, there is an expectation that profiles will meet a certain standard. Facebook on the other hand is considerably more forgiving and relaxed.

And therein is the problem.

Job Application Research

When you apply for a job and give the interviewer the address for your LinkedIn profile, the employer will almost certainly look at it. What constantly astonishes me is that people think that that is the end of it. It doesn’t even occur to them that it’s simplicity itself for the employer to look up your Facebook profile, as well.

Employers’ Discoveries on Facebook and LinkedIn

They look at your LinkedIn profile, and there you are in business attire, looking completely professional. Everything’s beautiful; you have lots of connections; you have lots of people who confirm your skills and your talents and your abilities. It’s pure perfection.

And then they go and check your Facebook profile, only to find you on your knees on the sidewalk in front of a bar in a very uncompromising position. And don’t say it would never happen, because it already has.

In fact, one girl who was complaining on her Twitter account about the new job that she just had been hired for and was dreading going to work discovered this firsthand.

Ew, I start this [profanity] job tomorrow.

Luckily she was saved from the horrible job because her new boss happened to read the Tweet.

He said, “No you don’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!”

The Takeaway

With a little application of intelligence you can find just about any information you need on the Internet. The World Wide Web is there for you, limited only by your imagination.

So heres the question: Why would anybody think an employer is so stunningly unintelligent they couldn’t find exactly the same information that you can find?

Clean Up Your Facebook Profile

SC&C Online Profile Image for LinkedIn and FacebookIf you’re looking for a job, make sure all your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, or any other social media site that you’re on, is consistent, clean, and respectable. Hide from public view any friends you have who post dubious content. It doesn’t matter if you posted it, or if it is simply on your Feed, it reflects directly on you in your potential employers’ eyes.

Be respectable with all of your online presence!

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