How to Perform Your Own Skills Assessment

If you have been recently laid off from your job or are simply considering a new career, now is the best time to assess your skill set.  We often underestimate or misjudge our value as a contributing team member or leader in the workplace; yet, by carefully and thoroughly evaluating our job skills, we gain a clearer understanding of our place in the job market as well as with potential employers.

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While your own personal skills assessment may vary depending upon your particular position or industry, there are certain factors that remain consistent. recommends splitting your competencies into three main categories, as follows:

1. Experience/Knowledge-Based Skills:  These are the skills you have acquired directly through education and job experience.  Computer, marketing, accounting, and customer service skills are examples of experience and knowledge-based proficiencies.

2. Transferable Skills: Skills under this heading are not specific to one work environment and can be incorporated in a variety of professional roles.  Examples of transferrable skills include competencies in communication, leadership, delegation, analytics, and problem-solving.

3. Soft Skills:  These skills fall into the category of personality traits, and are also sometimes referred to as emotional intelligence.  Traits that fall under this heading may include positive work ethic, team player, adaptable, and able to work under pressure.

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Once you have taken the time to break down your skills into these three basic groups, you will have the ability to accurately view your strengths along with any areas in need of improvement.  Take this opportunity to develop and build upon areas with noticeable gaps or deficiencies; and conversely, be sure to highlight your strong points on both your résumé and during job interviews.

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Additionally, you may want to expand your analysis even further by utilizing some available online resources, such as this particular skills assessment at  Now that you have ascertained your value-add to potential employers, you are now a step closer to becoming a successful contender in the job market.


Fred Coon, CEO

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