Career Highlight: Project Management

Defining the Role of a Project Manager

Project Manager is one example of a profession currently in high demand by employers, and for good reason.  Due to the increasing responsibilities and varying roles of business leaders, it is in their best interest to hire an individual who can oversee the details of a project, from conception to completion, relieving other departmental executives and high ranking managers to focus on further important facets of the organization.

project-manager-working-staff-at-table“While a business is a continuous and ongoing operation, a project is a temporary venture aimed at producing a unique product, service or process,” noted small business, finance, and technology writer, Sarita Harbour in the article, “Why Is it Important for Organizations to Use Project Management?”

Project Management, at its core, assures the strength and stability of new initiatives.  For instance, a company who is planning to launch a new product line or marketing strategy, develop a new website or even reboot a department will call upon their Project Manager to devise strategies, assign tasks, and ensure that team members are adhering to predetermined timeline and budget requirements.

Specific Duties of a Project Manager

When a project is assigned, it is the Project Manager’s responsibility to oversee every aspect. First, they must develop an itemized budget for the overall project.

Next, managers will need to assess the strengths and talents of team members in order to properly delegate them to specifically appropriate tasks. While micromanaging is not encouraged, Project Managers will need to be kept informed of all progress and delays and react accordingly to make sure deadlines are met.

While working on the project, Managers will also be monitoring the scope of the workload and making adjustments as needed, while adapting assignments according to any issues or hitches that arise. Budgets may also need to be modified as unforeseen delays, product repairs, or other hindrances develop. It is the Project Manager’s job to adjust and correct any problems while making certain the project continues to run smoothly

How to Enter the Field of Project Management

project-manager-word-collageAccording to Computerworld contributing author, Mary K. Pratt, “Project Management is one of the hottest skills in IT today. In [their] 2015 Forecast survey, Project Management expertise was identified as the second-most sought-after skill, trailing only [behind] programming/application development.” She continued that approximately 35 percent of the 194 participating IT executives noted that their hiring strategies necessitated locating employees with abilities to lead projects.

While training and education are important, employees may begin working toward becoming a Project Manager by participating in projects within their company. This is the best opportunity to observe the routines and practices of other Project Managers, while also learning the skills necessary to successfully obtain and uphold the management of an important company endeavor.

Mangers will need to be detailed-orientated as well as possess the ability to lead other team members. A background in finance is required for the purpose of ascertaining and maintaining budget needs.  A strong technical sense is also recommended since a vast number of Project Management positions currently exist within the IT field.  Regardless of the nature of the organization, a certain amount of training and knowledge in the field is certainly beneficial.


If you are a conscientious professional who appreciates and enjoys continuous learning, working with as well as leading others, and receiving recognition as the one who is responsible for a successfully completed job, then a career in Project Management may just be for you.


Fred Coon, CEO


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The Top Current Jobs in Business

What’s in Your Future?

Five sectors in the U.S. economy are going to drive more than 50 percent of the growth of new jobs in the next four years.  That’s in excess of 10,000,000 of the projected jobs by the end of 2020, and none of them contribute to economic growth.  How is it possible?

top-jobs-in-business-professional-group-pointingThese five sectors showing occupational growth are professional services, business services, social assistance, healthcare, and construction, indicating that service-based jobs are continuing an upward trend.

All five of these areas are noted for being indicators of economic growth in the technical sector.  It is clear that the job market will be calling for employees with Bachelor Degrees, Associates Degrees, Technical Degrees, and other STEM-based degrees, in the near future.

However, as we discover this information, we hope we haven’t missed an important window of opportunity.  Examine this data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  By 2022, it is projected that 25.6 percent of our work force will be aged 55 or older, a point we have never reached in US history to date.  The bulk (63.1 percent) of our work force will consist of people who are in the middle of their careers and not expected to make any significant changes.  The replacement workers, age 16 to 24, comprise only 11 percent of the workforce, which presents a problem.

We are not producing “replacement workers” fast enough to bridge the gap, and we potentially face a shortfall in the number of available workers at a time when businesses are going to be desperate for growth.

If you’re just starting out in your college education, and you’re looking at a business or technical career, that is an immense relief to employers.  You are going to be desperately needed when all those approaching retirement are finally separated from the job market.

Here are some of the areas you should focus on:

  • Advertising
  • Business operations specialists
  • Computer related occupations
  • Engineering
  • Financial occupations
  • Management occupations
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Public relations
  • Sales and support services
  • Sales management and supervisors

top-jobs-in-business-outline-of-peopleComputer-related fields will provide a large portion of jobs (approximately 860,000), and management occupations will provide another approximate 200,000 positions, but none of the above listed categories are predicted to fall below 100,000 positions.

As it stands right now, when looking at all jobs on a city by city basis, hiring requirements are running between the mid-forties and the mid-fifties (percentage wise) where they stipulate a minimum of a Bachelor Degree.  That’s right…half of all the jobs require a college degree nowadays, and this, too, is a new record in our history.

Of course, in a world where babies grow up with a rattle in one hand and a tablet PC or an iPhone in the other hand, more people are technically competent now than at any other time in our history.  So what sort of jobs do we have for them?

  • Analytics Manager STEM & Tech Exp.
  • Audit Manager A.
  • Data Scientist A., Ph.D.
  • Engagement Manager Tech Degree
  • HR Manager A.
  • Mobile Developer A. & Tech Exp. Product Manager Tech Degree
  • Software Engineer C.S./Tech Degree Solutions Architect B.C.S./Tech Degree Tax Manager B.A.

The Takeaway

So, in consideration of this gap, there has never been a more important time to ascertain your plans as a job seeker. If you want to be in the construction trade, there will be plenty of great jobs for you.  The nursing profession is set to offer approximately 400,000 jobs, as well.

If, however, your interest is in business and technology, you need to take the time right now to decide where you are headed.  The biggest, most powerful ship in the world can churn the water into foam, but most assuredly it will never go anywhere important unless it also has a rudder to give it some direction.

Fred Coon, CEO


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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Executive Business Development Director (Consultant P/T or F/T)

scc-image-icon“RAINMAKER” OPENINGS – we seek to hire five additional Executive Business Development Directors. Is this you? Large, current network and business contact list — well-connected in your industry and/or across multiple industries — wish to work part-time or full-time.


  •  Executive Business Development (Consultant Part-time or Full-time)
  •  Commissioned Sales Position – 6-figure income
  •  Several New Positions Available for Executives with Expansive Networks

Stewart Cooper & Coon HQ in Phoenix AZ is a Human Capital Strategies and Management firm with five operating business units, including the Retained Executive & Technical Search Division. SC&C has served corporations and individual executives in both U.S. and foreign markets for over two decades.

Recently, M.B. Consultants Inc., a Boston based Retained Executive Search firm founded in 1992 and headquartered in Boston, MA, merged with Stewart, Cooper & Coon. The resulting merger created a need for us to expand our Retained Executive and Technical Search Division. Our search services will be delivered from both locations.

Position Summary

We seek Retained Executive Business Development Consultants to help us expand our retained executive search business, both domestically and internationally. We are a Generalist search firm with a wide range of expertise in the following industries and core functions: 

General Management  |  Specialty Materials  |  Industrial/Consumer  |

Technical Leadership  |  Marketing, Sales  |  Alternative Energy

Life Sciences  |  Technology  |  Subject Matter Experts – All Fields

REQUIREDAll applicants MUST have a significant network of senior decision-makers to whom they can present SC&C’s retained search concept and establish meaningful meetings with decision-makers within their personal and professional network.

Position Responsibilities:  

You will be our Rainmaker and speak with those in your network and introduce us to them, thereby creating an “introduction-friendly” environment to orient them to our services and help them achieve a more cost-effective and service-driven return on their search investment.

If your network is both large and current, if your contact list is substantial, and if you are well-connected in your industry and/or across multiple industries or sectors, then you are already on your way to being successful with our company.

Job Definition:

  • Prospect for new clients from a variety of sources (existing database, relationships, VC’s, Private Equity, Professional services firms, Incubators and Accelerators)
  • Generate leads, manage sales pipeline, and connect with clients on a regular basis through client calls, meetings and networking (events and conferences)
  • Maintain and grow client base by selling a broad range of retained executive &technical  Search services
  • Attend events and conferences with “C” levels to represent Brands
  • Quantify business relationships with key decision makers/hiring managers
  • Help strategize on the company’s new go-to market business development initiatives
  • Ability to set up meetings between you, your prospective client company, and an SC&C Executive staff member to introduce us to the company and assist SC&C in closing sales
  • Must be willing to visit corporate offices of your network contacts to meet with decision makers with whom you have made appointments

Required Experience

The Executive Business Development consultant would ideally be a retired C-level executive, VP/Sr. VP of HR, VP Engineering/R&D. Your extensive network of business and professional contacts must be current.

If you are currently retired or you feel somewhat unchallenged,  and have no restrictions placed upon your earning potential, then you should consider Stewart, Cooper & Coon as your new home.


We have unique compensation plan paying very generous commissions based upon each new retained search your efforts help close. We provide you with complete back-office support, and we handle all administration and processing of the companies you bring to our table. Once you have made the sale, minimal local servicing of your accounts is expected.

Job Requirements and PREFERENCE Given To

  • Veterans
  • 20+ years of proven senior executive leadershipAND you are comfortable in the executive-to-executive and B-2-B environment, AND, you enjoy working from home in a virtual sales environment.

You may reside in   ARIZONA   |   NEW ENGLAND   |   CALIFORNIA

ALL applicants must send the following to:

  1. a current resumé
  2. a cover letter providing an example list of companies the you can call on and can                   contact on our behalf
  3. in the cover letter, tell us why you wish to work with SC&C

Here are two relevant SC&C websites you may wish to review, prior to applying to our company:


Fred E Coon, CEO

Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Inc.