6 Helpful Apps for Your Job Search

Have you decided to begin a new job search?  Here are some top choice apps to keep available during your search.  Since individual needs may dictate which are more subjectively suitable than others, we have not listed them in any Job Buttonparticular order.  They should, however, be available for both iOS and Android operating systems.  Finding an app that works for you can enhance your level of connectivity, while also keeping you organized and up-to-date.


  1. BREWSTER’s Full Contact DROID iOS

This is an organizational bit of software which collects all of your contacts from all disparate sources (such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any social media site), and securely consolidates it into one cloud-based location.  Scan business cards with your Smartphone camera, and the data is instantly included with all of the other contact information.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wonder which account has the contact information you’re looking for.  It updates itself automatically whenever new information is available, so all you have to do is search for your contact, and you’ll know that you have the latest available data.


  1. Remember the Milk DROID iOS BlackBerry (phone versions)

This little app integrates with your PC, tablet, laptop, and Smartphone to ensure that you never forget another task.  It has a specific version for your tablets, too.  There are also upcoming versions for Apple Watch and Android Wear to look for soon.

Whether it’s a grocery list, where you literally have to “remember the milk”, or whether it’s going to an interview, responding to a message, or remembering to turn in your resignation before you start your new job, this hyper-aware program can keep you on track.  You’ll finally be able to get rid of all those post-it notes (and evidence) and clean up your working environment.

The free version offers great functionality but many users swear by the Pro (paid) version as well, so it is certainly worth looking into.


  1. Switch DROID iOS (phone versions)

This one is particularly clever.  Those who have ever tried a program called Tinder, where people try to match up for dating purposes, will find Switch to be rather familiar.  For example, in Tinder, you swipe left or right to indicate whether or not you like someone; if you both happen to like each other, then there is a method to be introduced.

Switch works in much the same way with job applicants specifying their skills and what job they are seeking, while hiring managers enter their specifications and which roles they need to fill.  You can just swipe left or swipe right to indicate whether you feel the particular job is a “match” or not.  Matches can then communicate over the in-app chat interface.


  1. Dropbox DROID iOS (phone versions)

At this point, most people have either used, or are at least familiar with Dropbox, which is basically cloud storage for photos and video.  It’s free, fast, easy, and convenient.  There are matching versions for your PCs, tablets, and other devices.  They provide a reasonable amount of storage at no cost, and you can add more if you need it; there is even Dropbox for Business.

Did you not bring enough résumés?  Find yourself a network printer, download a copy from your Dropbox account, and print as many as you need.  You should also check out Google Drive which offers some free storage, and OneDrive from Microsoft (even though they’ve just decreased their free storage from 15 GB to 5 GB), since free storage space is still free space.


  1. TeamViewer

How many times have we found ourselves out in the world, when we realize we suddenly need something that we left on our home computer?  Well now, there is no need to lament over our forgetfulness.  With TeamViewer, simply log onto your home computer via any remote location.

Furthermore, it is also collaborative tool so that you can team up with someone on a project in the next office, or even halfway around the world, where the only concern is the actual completion of work, not how you get to work.  However, on all accounts, it is also a remote access tool which allows you to operate your home computer from your laptop or Smartphone.

Virtually anything that can be done in person can also be done remotely.  Some people use it as a remote Support Tool, while others use it as an online meeting tool.  You can also utilize its ability to transfer a desired document to wherever you are, which includes your forgotten CV or résumé.

The fact that it is free for personal use is a definite bonus.  For the IT types, if a friend calls with a computer problem, you can (with their permission) remotely operate their computer from your own laptop or PC, and quickly fix the issue, rather than attempting explain things step-by-step.


  1. LinkedIn Job Search DROID iOS (phone versions)

Another name familiar to nearly all of us, LinkedIn is well-known as the “Facebook of the business world”.  It is nothing less than your digital résumé, and many of the more progressive companies will allow you to apply for their jobs with this simple click of a button.

LinkedIn actually offers two separate apps: 1) one for the networking experience, and 2) one strictly for the job search aspect.  The latter allow you to perform confidential location-based job searches.  You can select parameters to suit your job search needs including which industry, a particular company, your level of experience, physical location, or simply how far away they are.

Suddenly there are all the matches right in front of you.  The app even identifies which ones you can apply to directly with your LinkedIn profile.


Man Swiping Screen - Start HereThe Takeaway

There are numerous handy mobile apps which can speed up and expand your job search.  At the very least, they can streamline the process so that conducting a proactive job search doesn’t interfere with your current job.

Seeking employment online can draw you down a proverbial rabbit-hole of distraction, where hours can seem to magically disappear with little accomplished.  Hopefully these tools will keep you on the right track, and lead you to the job of your dreams.

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