5 Simple Statements That Will Initiate Trust

flower-in-handTrust is a gift that is built and maintained over time.  It begins with words, and if actions are not taken to support those words, that trust will begin to crumble.  We often take for granted the power that our words possess, and how they reflect the very essence of our character.  It is this sentiment that we hope to carry through our daily personal lives.

However, if we stop and think for a moment, we realize that the same authenticity we seek to uphold with our friends and family is also a fitting representation for the decency and graciousness we should carry into our place of employment.  Spoken honestly, simple statements such as these listed below, are a great way to begin building promising foundations for both personal and professional relationships.


“Thank you.”

These two simple words demonstrate you value the other person.  They show that you were paying attention, recognized their efforts, and appreciate them.  This appreciation plants the seed for a trusting partnership or business relationship.


“I understand.”

Active listening and genuine empathy are of utmost importance when establishing trust in a relationship.  “I understand” not only shows that you have taken the time to focus on really hearing the other person, but also that you have processed what was said with compassion and acceptance.


“What do you think?”

Asking another’s opinion is showing that you initially trust them, or that you are willing to.  Trust is a two-way street and stepping up and relying on another, shows that you believe you are part of the same team.  You are conveying that you value their input and are freely giving them the opportunity to earn and build upon the trust you just handed them.


“What this will mean to you is…”

These words establish trust by demonstrating that you have the other’s best interest in mind.  You care how they are affected; or that how a situation impacts or benefits them is important to you.



Whenever it is possible or appropriate, give a positive response to those who ask for your assistance. This not only inspires good will, it reveals to another that you can be relied on.  Responses like “maybe” or “I’ll try” suggest a potential for failure to follow through, or even the possibility of avoidance on your part, which will quickly diminish another’s faith in you.


Man-Woman Walking/Talking

While these five statements might seem simple enough, they create and strengthen the bonds of trust in every relationship.  Words like these can initiate trust, and of course, actions will seal the bond.


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