4 Compelling Beliefs of Incredibly Successful People

Successful people are different from average people in that they have a different view of reality.  What is considered an obstacle to most is observed as an opportunity to the highly accomplished.  There is never one road to success, but most Smiling Man - Successful Individualsextraordinarily successful people have the same core beliefs:


1.  Be the best, not the first

Remember AltaVista, MySpace or Books.com?  No, today we search on Google, socialize on Facebook, and shop on Amazon. Being the first to market may have some advantages, but being first is no guarantee of success.  However, being the best is. Being first allows competitors to learn from your mistakes. Creating the market and the demand is one thing; sustaining it and continuously improving is a model for success. Take the time to make it right.


2.  Action eclipses ideas

The time to stop over-thinking your idea is now.  Every successful person reached their destination by taking action.  The longer one plans, the longer the market grows and changes without your product or service.  Ideas are worthless Positive Thinking - Plan for Successwithout execution, but aggressive action can be worth millions.    This is why successful companies invest in bright people, not bright ideas. Only the execution is proprietary, and while inspiration strikes quite often, follow-through is the only way to success.


3.  Choose your people

You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around.  The people who you live, work and play with have great affect on your personal success.  Do not spend your days among miserable people.  Choose clients who create a synergy with you and your corporation.  Choose employees who support your mission.  Choose friends who keep you grounded and share your enthusiasm.  Those we spend most of our time with, have the most influence on us.


 4.  Manage failure

 Failure is something one accomplishes; it doesn’t just happen on its own.   If you are capable of failing without losing your initial enthusiasm or dedication to your mission, then you most likely have the outlook of a successful person.  Remember that failing means you took action and risks. Embrace your mistakes and your failures: own them and learn from them.  Take the responsibility of creating a different outcome the next time, and make sure there is a next time.  The only real failure is quitting.  Besides, psychology studies have shown that those who fail publicly, and do so gracefully, are deemed more likable in the end.


The TakeawayMan on Stairs Climbing to Success

Your belief-system is the true key to being successful.  Success is not a set of achievements or accomplishments: it is a mindset. Accomplishing anything worthwhile cannot be done without belief.


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