3 Key Elements to a Successful Executive Job Search

SC&C Always Look for WorkWhen it comes to your executive job search success, there are multiple areas of importance to focus on. By learning and employing these various strategies for success, you will maintain a much more organized, goal-attaining job search campaign.

In the following article, I go over all 3 methods for success in your executive job search. Through the proper utilization of these 3 techniques, which includes Resume Development, Interview Preparation, Networking & Communications, you will more likely conquer your goals and possibly land the job of your dreams!

3 Keys for a Job Search


First and foremost, you need a stellar resume! It is crucial to have a professionally powerful resume that is not only prevailing in its appearance, but also written well, focused on key skills, accomplishments and experience related to your career / job objective. You definitely want something that stands out within a large pool of resumes.

A stellar resume focuses on keyword optimization, which if done correctly, increases your rank in various Internet and human resource databases. Through the incorporation of powerful keywords related to your targeted job / occupation, you will more than likely stand out among your peers and be highly acknowledged among hundreds of other resumes. You will be positioned in the top pile of resumes for the hiring manager after successfully passing the resume screening process.

Keyword optimization consists of multiple, powerful words within your resume that databases and employers search for in order for you to be either selected or ignored. There are almost always a group of these keywords on the first page of your resume which reads, Key / Core Competencies: followed by about 8 to 12 words.

In addition, it is significant to incorporate multiple keywords throughout additional areas of your resume including your job descriptions, your list of achievements, education and so on.

Your resume format, writing and structure are also key elements to a stellar resume. The format needs to be attractive, yet professional. The document needs to be structured and laid out in an organized manner with emphasis on significant aspects of your career. The writing needs to be clean with correct vocabulary and spelling.

There are various resume writing companies that specialize in professional resume development. These professionals are usually certified as professional resume writers, and know their stuff. As a result of significant research, this service is well worth your time and money, and is becoming more and more popular in today’s job search market.


SC&C Interview PreparationYour interview preparation is significant for a successful job search. You need to develop and possess a brief verbal and written speech regarding your career history. This encompasses what you do, how well you do it, what you specialize in, your background experience, skills and significant career-related accomplishments. In addition you need to be prepared to communicate what you have to offer that will positively benefit a certain company / organization, and how you can do this.

You need to come across both verbally and written, in a very professional manner. It is important to be focused, enthusiastic and confident in your speech. However, it is significant that you listen well to the other end. Don’t interrupt, and be prepared to react appropriate to any question or comment.

Among a few of the crucial elements essential to adapt to conquer the interview process is the extensive research of the targeted company. This includes gaining knowledge of the company services and products, their clientele, recognizable achievements, the main company goal and the overall company / organizational culture.

Be sure to have done your homework in these areas, and come prepared to react to and answer any question or comments through practice, practice, practice.

In addition to professional resume services, there are professional interview preparation services through highly qualified and certified career consultants that would be well worth your time and money.


Networking is said to be the key strategy for success in finding that job you have always wanted. Through networking, you develop leads and contacts, in addition to relationships very beneficial to your career.

Both traditional and online networking are huge, and if done correctly, very beneficial to your job search. Join certain networking groups and organizations pertaining to your career both online and off.

Among some of the ever-growing popular online networking sites include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. By creating and maintaining a membership profile on these sites, you will see a significant boost in leads and contacts, in addition to opportunities you would have never seen before.

You need to create a very professional and informative account for these networking sites in order to achieve success. And you have to provide relevant information while remaining professional and appropriate simultaneously.

In addition, there are usually various local organizations and networking groups for you to join. Once again, by taking advantage of these opportunities, you will see a huge boost in your job search success through relationship development, and the growth of opportunities through various leads and contacts.

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